Bump Kitchen - Organic Northwest Funk / Soul Music


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“Lucky for us, while other groove merchants have headed straight for the cover band circuit, Bump Kitchen has also been here keeping Grit City’s booties shakin’ with original funk jams. Bump Kitchen shows are known for intense energy and Harper’s rich, soulful vocals.”

Ernest A. Jasmin - Tacoma News Tribune

“Northwest funk, R&B, and blues amalgam Bump Kitchen have managed to make a name for themselves in recent years thanks to constant touring and some searing ‘groove-craft’.”

Staff - The Weekly Volcano

...”Harper has a raspy, throaty tenor voice that’s perfectly in sync with the high-energy brand of rock-infused funk that is Bump Kitchen’s forte. It’s just that Bump Kitchen features a group of musicians who play at a high level. “ “Living as we do in what can be called the era known for the cult of the singer -- particularly in R&B -- the kind of virtuosity displayed by this band may not be appreciated by casual listeners. That’s too bad because these guys smoke from beginning to end. ” ...“These guys have the skills and they aren’t ashamed to show it.”

Howard Dukes - Soultracks

"Armed with soul, funk, and R&B, to say that this group performs like a well-oiled machine is to sell them short. Their understanding of the groove goes beyond simply landing on “the one,” that rhythmic anchor that our beloved James Brown talked about. Each member of Bump Kitchen plays with the maturity of an all-star league member, pushing the discipline of the group towards Dream Team status.

Jason Randall Smith - ReviewYou.com